Target Date Funds (TDFs) Is Personalization the Future?

Target Date Funds are the most popular investment vehicle within retirement plans today, which is why they are so important from a fiduciary perspective. When you look at the utilization statistics it's easy to see why, 98% retirement plans offer TDFs to their participants with 78% participants using TDFs. 

Target Date Funds are widely misunderstood, which is ironic as they are pitched to employees as a simple "do it for me" one stop shop investment option. Learn the best techniques employed by top RPAG advisors across the country. Take RPAG’s secret sauce and spin it to tug at the heartstrings of your prospects and showcase your unique value proposition. 

Key topics covered in this sessions include talking up size and scale, putting performance in perspective, share class efficiency, participant behavior, Larkspur tips and tricks, New TDF Calculator, and The new Cost Savings Calculator. 


  • Kellen Foley CFA, Director, Investment Management


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