RPAG Forefather | Jeff Elvander, CIO

In the world of retirement planning, coming across an individual who not only enjoys what they do, but excels with a hunger for innovation is a rare and lethal combination. At RPAG, we are fortunate to have such a leader at the helm of our investment strategies – our Chief Investment Officer, Jeff Elvander.

When asked about his journey throughout his time with RPAG, Jeff fondly reminisces about the allure of the organization's people and its entrepreneurial spirit. "The opportunity to build something different, new, and great," he ponders, encapsulating his initial attraction to Vince’s philosophy and working with him to start this company. It was a chance to embark on a journey that would allow him to make a tangible impact, both within the organization and in the broader landscape of retirement planning. With over 10 million plan participants, 120,000 retirement plans served, and $1.5 trillion in assets under influence from RPAG’s platform, we think he did just that.

Helping start 401(k) Advisor Services (now RPAG) wasn't merely about having a job, because (to be frank) joining a start-up is always a risk; but it was about becoming a part of something greater. Jeff's favorite aspect of being with RPAG? "Being a part of such a great team," he states emphatically. It's a sentiment that speaks volumes about the collaborative culture we foster within our organization, where each member is valued for their unique contributions.

Reflecting on his personal achievements, Jeff speaks with pride about the strides made in shaping the retirement plan universe. Whether it's through innovative tools like the RPAG Scorecard or the Target Date Fit Analysis, or the development of multiple glide paths with our sister company flexPATH Strategies, his efforts have left an indelible mark. "Making a 'dent' in the retirement plan universe," has been his plan since the inception of the company, and with his contributions to our solutions, we believe that he definitely exceeded that goal and raised the bar for other organizations attempting to compete with our wide spread of advisory resources.

But Jeff's impact extends beyond his professional accomplishments; it's also evident in the culture he has helped cultivate at RPAG. "Through openness, honesty, and transparency," he asserts, "I believe all three of those are important." It's this commitment to fostering an environment of trust and integrity that has become ingrained in RPAG's ethos under his leadership. If you’ve ever seen Jeff in a meeting regarding the innovation of the investment related solutions, then you know he is very passionate about ensuring the highest quality support for our members and won’t settle for anything less.

For those beginning their journey into the investment/retirement industry, Jeff offers sage advice born out of his many years of experience. "It's a slow-moving industry, it really is," he acknowledges. However, he urges newcomers not to be deterred by the pace but rather to remain steadfast in their pursuit of positive change. "Don't be discouraged about making change, making it better," he advises, emphasizing the profound impact that their work can have on people's lives, particularly in the realm of retirement planning. If you think about it, the progression of the RPAG platform has taken place over 20 years, but people will always be retiring, and advisors will always need new and better ways to do their jobs.

As RPAG continues to chart new territories and redefine industry standards, Jeff remains a guiding force, embodying the values of innovation, collaboration, and unwavering dedication to excellence. His journey serves as a guide, not only to those within RPAG but to all who strive to make a meaningful difference in the world of retirement.


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