Building Best-in-Class Investment Line-ups

Watch Jeff Elvander and Geoff Keeling from our investment team for insight on building Best-In-Class investment line-ups, ESG resources and processes for managing volatility on the road ahead.

  • Jeff Elvander, Chief Investment Officer
  • Geoff Keeling, Director, Investment Research

ESG Ratings are designed to measure the Environmental, Social, and Governance characteristics of a fund’s underlying holding, making it possible to screen investments using a AAA to CCC ratings scale. It begins with individual ratings in each pillar for quality, then they take the average of the 3 and it’s given an ESG Letter Rating.

Our manager selection process begins with the scorecard, but there is so much more to the selection process that goes beyond the scorecard. We want to see consistency of team, process, and long-term results. We want to make sure that managers have strong risk controls in place. Not only from a top-down organization standpoint, but how they construct their portfolio. Making sure that they mitigate risk as they construct the portfolio. We also want to see that their Alpha are being driven by security selection because that is repeatable.

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