Tech Enhancements - December 1 2022

RPAG wants to make sure you have the necessary tools and capabilities for your business. Our team is dedicated in helping you succeed. That's why we are here to ensure you are promptly notified with the latest updates, added features, tech enhancements, and much more. Below, you will find detailed notes that describe what has been changed or updated.

  • Client Search
    • Search logic was enhanced to deliver more accurate results
  • Returns Analysis
    • Asset Allocation now shows returns for Custom Models
  • Client Servicing
    • Custom Service Plan sections now show as “Other Service Meeting”
  • To-Dos
    • The Send to Calendar function now shows times
  • Fund look-up
    • Scorecard
      • TDF and Group series funds now appears in order by target date
  • FIR
    • RPAG Focus list
      • Funds within the focus list now displays and map to fund lineup.
    • When a Funds is selected in considerations, the correct fund now shows
  • Provider Analysis
    • Incumbent rebid investment source and product now automatically selected from the incumbent bid
  • My Documents
    • 2023 folders now show within all areas that a 2022 folder shows
  • Rollover Analyzer
    • Disclosure landscape and portrait sections added to the report builder
  • FIR
    • Style box-short report section now allows for custom models to be present


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