Success Redefined: Vince Giovinazzo's Guiding Principles at RPAG

Success, gratitude, and healthspan — what do these words truly mean to you? Have you expressed gratitude to those who have had a positive impact on your life? Have you balanced your efforts to achieve success in your professional and personal life? Have you prioritized your health for a more fulfilling and joyful life? These questions are a daily reflection for RPAG’s CEO, Vince Giovinazzo, as he strives to live a purposeful life that balances career, family, personal, community, and healthspan. Instead of solely focusing on his personal achievements, he wants to share the positive lessons learned with the RPAG community.

Vince emphasizes that perseverance and grit are the keys to success. He often recites a poignant quote by Michael Jordan: "When you want to be successful more than you want to breathe, you will be successful." This mindset has been integral to his journey since co-founding RPAG in 2004 alongside colleagues Nick Della Vedova, Veronica Lee, and Jami Chapman. While crediting his success to grit, Vince also acknowledges the collective efforts of every RPAG employee, transforming RPAG into a prominent fintech platform through teamwork, collaboration, and loyalty.

Despite inevitable struggles, Vince underscores the importance of humility, respect, and gratitude. He believes in the lasting impact of “eulogizing the living”, which is part of the “Say it Now” movement popularized by Walter Green. By spontaneously acknowledging the positive impact that others have on our lives and the world around them, we create deep connections with others.

The Law of Attraction is similar to karma, also known as “water finding its own level”, or “like attracts like”. What you put out into the world will be brought back to you. The RPAG National Conference reflects that philosophy. Five hundred of the industry’s most successful advisors, investment managers, and recordkeepers that are both successful, yet humble and collaborative. With the help of the RPAG platform of technology, training, and support, RPAG members have enhanced outcomes for more than 130,000 plan sponsors and millions of plan participants.

Vince’s vision is to offer resources that help every RPAG member build business scale and efficiency so that they have more time to focus on their family, community, and healthspan. For those who attended the 2023 National Conference, Vince's advocacy for wellness and self-care is evident. He stresses that “preparation for a comfortable retirement is meaningless if we’re not healthy (or alive).” Vince’s recent health scare accelerated his already deep appreciation and humility for life. He is inspired to share his life lessons with others so that they may be the architects of their own lives, in the pursuit of a balanced lifestyle that includes a successful career, family, personal life, and healthspan. He urges others to ask themselves the questions posed at the beginning of this article.

As you contemplate your path to success, Vince implores you to embrace gratitude and perseverance. Reflect on how these principles can guide you, just as they have guided him in his journey.



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