The RPAG Scoop | November 2023

Welcome back to our monthly RPAG Scoop where we give you the latest and upcoming information in the retirement industry. This edition has some new faces you may or may not recognize, but the information is better than ever! Learn about the upcoming new resources that you have available as an RPAG member, the hottest topics for Q4 that you can share with your plan sponsors, and why you should choose BlackRock's Mid Cap Growth Fund when creating retirement portfolios.

What's New at RPAG with Some New Faces! (0:32
Listen to our Digital Marketing Specialists, Ashley and Melody, tell you the latest updates with RPAG, including the renamed Rollover Ready (previously known as Rollover Analyzer) and the Webinar Kits accessible to Premium Marketing Members. With an RPAG membership, our advisors have access to multiple resources that can make their life easier. The Retirement Times is a great resource to share educational knowledge with plan sponsors and participants and it's eligible for auto branding when advisors upgrade to the Premium Marketing Membership. There are also many ways that members and non-members can stay up to date with retirement industry updates such as our social media pages, the sign-up box on the insights page for our email newsletters, and subscribing to our YouTube channel.

Q4 Fiduciary Hot Topics with John Nelson (5:56)

Welcome to the Q4 2023 Fiduciary Hot Topics, where we give you the up-and-coming conversations you might be having with your plan sponsors. This quarter's hot topics cover SECURE 2.0 updates, changes to catch-up contributions, EPCRS, and more. If you would like a PDF version, download here or click here for the full version. For our premium marketing members, auto-branding is available in the Resource Center of our portal.

BlackRock's Ryan McNulty on Their Mid Cap Growth Fund (13:58)
Mid cap stocks represent close to a quarter of US market cap but it's not uncommon to see them in only 5 or 8 percent of a retirement portfolio. According to Ryan, this is a chronically under covered part of the market and it's important to start putting these funds into portfolios and get them sized correctly. So why should you choose BlackRock's Mid Cap Growth fund? Their access to company management teams is unparalleled and they go to thousands of meetings to find the best mid cap companies possible. Listen in to his segment to learn the strategy behind their fund.

As we conclude this edition of The RPAG Scoop, remember that you have an abundance of resources at your fingertips as an RPAG member, and our support staff is always ready to help you with whatever you need. 


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