2024 Regional Summits | State of the Platform

We're a service company at our core, that has extensive suite of business-critical management resources that drive growth at every stage of your retirement practice. At our 2024 Regional Summits, Veronica Lee, RPAG's Chief Relations Officer, took to the stage and discussed the state of the RPAG platform. Throughout this session, Veronica discusses the latest solutions and resources designed to help elevate your practice.

With 10 million plan participants, 120,000 plans, and over a trillion dollars in assets under management, RPAG has grown tremendously. These figures demonstrate your extraordinary achievement and commitment to assisting hardworking Americans in enjoying retirement. RPAG is made to provide you with a wealth of information, capabilities, and support.

Veronica touches on the many offerings provided by RPAG. Some of the powerful solutions and resources that are available to you include:

  • RFP Express: With our latest benchmarking solution, you can rapidly and effectively generate live quotes for your projects. Simplifying this process has guaranteed that advisors can efficiently navigate the platform and discover the information they need
  • Rollover Ready: RPAG’s Rollover Ready is an easy-to-use system that helps document the rollover process with a few easy steps. You can communicate with plan members, record procedures, and guarantee compliance with this feature. It's a complete solution that will help you service your clients and comply with regulations.
  • Ask RPAG: The RPAG portal's integrated search and question feature. "We've made interaction with RPAG even easier by creating a tool within our portal itself called 'Ask RPAG,' where you can ask questions and it's not just that, it's also a search tool," Veronica states. Use a few keywords in the search field if you have any questions, if there isn't an answer already available, your question will be forwarded straight to our call center for personalized assistance.

Veronica also discusses some of the newer offerings RPAG has such as the:

  • Client Advocacy Report, where you can highlight all of the services you offered to your clients this year with this automatically generated template. It's an amazing way to draw attention to your accomplishments and strengthen your client relations.
  • Fund Change Notice Template, using this template makes it easier to let recordkeepers know about changes to investments. To start the adjustments, simply copy and paste the data into an email to start the process of making fund changes.
  • Custom Model Services, which now allows you to provide your clients with more value and flexibility with our platform's performance calculations.

At RPAG, we are excited about the future and the various possibilities it holds. The landscape of retirement planning is ever-evolving, and RPAG is committed to leading the way. If there's anything we can do to serve you, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to help you grow your practice and ensure the best outcomes for your clients.

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