The Optimist of RPAG: Jeff Cheshier

Introducing the one... the only... EL GATO! Or as he is known to most of the world - Jeff Cheshier! We wanted to put a spotlight on the most optimistic gear in the RPAG machine. With his constant cheerful attitude and commitment to serving our members with top notch attention, Jeff is one of the backbones of our company's success.

Jeff's career has been a dynamic and purposeful one, with his journey beginning with a want-ad in Houston. During his seven-year tenure at AIM, where he initially served in customer service, Jeff's trajectory took an interesting turn. Moving up the ranks, he found himself working with national accounts, and NFP became a notable client firm. A pivotal moment occurred when his old protege heard about an opportunity at NFP Retirement, recommended he apply, and officially marked the beginning of his role in the retirement sector.

In reflecting on the impact he has had on our company and its culture, Jeff emphasized a deliberate effort to infuse positivity and optimism into the workplace. His overarching life objective is to be a beacon of positivity in the world, and this characteristic is reflected in his personal and professional experiences. Everyone who has met Jeff can agree that he brings joy and energy to every conversation or project.

As Director of Retirement Services, Jeff has implemented strategies to streamline operations and enhance efficiency. "By fostering networking synergy among current clients, partners, and future prospects, I have created a web of relationships that tell the company's story more effectively than if we were to solely self-promote." Recognizing that currency in business is relationships, Jeff has focused on tying partners, clients, and prospects together, so that we can all help each other in this industry.

Among his notable accomplishments, Jeff takes pride in RPAG winning a Wealthie Award this year, an achievement attributed to his leadership. He also played a crucial role in shepherding RPAG through the Wealthie Awards process for Rollover Ready (formerly Rollover Analyzer).

When relationship-building, Jeff skillfully conveys the company's goals and vision, and positions RPAG as a service-oriented company that seeks to understand clients' challenges and collaborates on processes and systems to help them achieve their goals and objectives.

Looking toward the future, Jeff envisions RPAG becoming the industry's premier technology services data and platform partner as a B2B wholesaler. In navigating the landscape of service providers, he remains attuned to clients' needs, assessing whether existing solutions can be improved or if there's an opportunity to offer an enhanced product at a competitive price. This forward-thinking approach underscores Jeff's commitment to ensuring that our members receive the best possible service, even if it's not through our own platform.


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