Tech Enhancements - December 2, 2021

RPAG wants to make sure you have the necessary tools and capabilities for your business. Our team is dedicated in helping you succeed. That's why we are here to ensure you are promptly notified with the latest updates, added features, tech enhancements, and much more. Below, you will find detailed notes that describe what has been changed or updated.


  • Requesting advisor’s name added to bid submission confirmation
  • Now able to select Bidding TPA’s before Incumbent TPA is fully submitted
My Documents/Fiduciary Briefcase
  • Maximum uploadable file size increased to 25 MB
Resource Center
  • Portal now alerts users that only PDF formatted documents can be uploaded to an FIR from the Resource Center
  • Now able to save notes for canceled meetings
  • New “Confirm your action” pop-up will appear for a WellCents advisor when starting a participant meeting
  • Participant questionnaire responses are now exportable for a WellCents advisor
    • PDF format only for compliance reasons
  • Scheduling a WellCents meeting now accounts for Arizona time zone
  • WellCents participant microsite now displays Google Play app store icon
  • New “Meeting Lead Time” field added to WellCents scheduling workflow
  • New “Reschedule Meeting” button now available to WellCents advisors

  • Research advanced filter for “Strategy” option functionality fixed
  • Meeting Minutes page will load properly for users with “&” symbol in client name
  • Peer Group Analysis no longer generating additional funds when downloaded with ACR and Score History options selected

If you have any questions or want to learn more about these technical enhancements, please contact for a demo.
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