National Retirement Security Week

To elevate the importance of personal retirement planning, NAGDCA is working with the House and Senate to pass a congressional resolution supporting National Retirement Security Week (NRSW) in October 2018.

Plan administrators can take advantage of NRSW to promote awareness of their plans and their many benefits. Promotions can come in a variety of ways, including increased participant education, retirement / benefit fairs, enrollment campaigns and opportunities for employees to meet with investment representatives to help improve their retirement planning efforts. Some plan sponsors have experienced success emailing a “FAQ of the Day” to offer answers to common questions employees may have and increase overall awareness of the plan. Other plans have held week-long benefit fairs and invited all benefit providers – not just retirement benefits – to participate in exhibits offering information about all employer benefits, especially those of primary importance to retirees. Representatives from Social Security & Medicare, the Pension system, the VEBA or HSA provider, and health insurance providers are often included in these benefit fairs.

NRSW has traditionally been held in October, and it’s not too late to start planning for your organization!

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