ERISA Update

At a recent Western Pension Benefit Council/ASPPA Conference the new Fiduciary Rule was reviewed. The new Fiduciary Rule (definition) has come under significant criticism by many industry groups and Congress, some of whom brought litigation to redefine and suspend the effect of this regulation. To date, the DOL shows no intent to revise their position substantially. They indicate that the new rule is structured solely to protect participants and establish a high standard of care for fiduciary behavior. Regulators felt that the former definition of fiduciary was too broad and not as protective of participants as intended. In addition, the new Fiduciary Rule has been extended to include IRA products. The DOL spokesperson put to rest rumors that this regulation has any impact on plan sponsor fiduciaries.

A new updated 5500 form may be online in 2019, but could be delayed based on comment activity. The new form will provide increased transparency on plan investments. Also, Schedule C (Form 5500) fee disclosures will be revised to be more commensurate with ERISA Section 408(b)(2) data and more “mineable” for purposes of fee comparisons. The DOL suggested plan sponsors conduct fee reasonable determinations more frequently than is currently typically practiced.

Previous guidance regarding appropriateness of socially responsible investments clarified that there is no intended prohibition on these investments, but they should not be implemented if they could negatively impact risk/return considerations or compromise economic interest of the plan/participants in any way. In essence, the DOL suggests that all else being equal (fees, risk/return metrics, etc.) social responsibility is an acceptable tie-breaker.

Lastly, the DOL appears open to expanding guidance on self -correction of late deferral contribution errors under the Voluntary Fiduciary Correction program, though such guidance is not imminent.

ACR#207478 09/16

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