Beyond the Boardroom: Jami Chapman's COO Chronicles

Jami Chapman's presence in the RPAG community spans over two decades, making her an integral part of our organization. Throughout her journey in the retirement planning industry, she has consistently served as an inspiration to those around her. We are truly fortunate to have such an exceptional leader within our midst, and we are thrilled to highlight her remarkable story with RPAG.

Let's rewind to the origins of Jami's association with our organization. Back in the 90s, Jami played a pivotal role in running the office at Principal, where fate brought her together with Vince Giovinazzo, our esteemed CEO. When Vince ventured out and established 401(k) Advisors, he didn't hesitate to invite Jami to join him on this lifelong career journey. Recognizing her exceptional skills and expertise, Jami played a crucial role in automating the due diligence process for 401(k) plans, which ultimately evolved into the renowned RPAG portal we know today. Through sheer determination and a strategic checklist-driven approach, Jami revolutionized our operations and processes, seamlessly merging individual systems to create an all-encompassing platform for retirement advisors. This consolidation of tools into a single, integrated hub has paved the way for our members to enjoy a streamlined experience, equipped with up-to-date solutions.

Jami's leadership style and cultural impact are nothing short of inspiring. Her hands-off macro approach empowers her team to make independent decisions and encourages their personal growth with minimal interference. During training, she not only encourages her operations team to think outside the box but also ensures they possess the ability to excel in their immediate tasks. Jami fosters an environment where anyone is welcome to voice their ideas and advocate for improvements in our current processes and technology. This open culture of innovation is one of the many facets that make RPAG truly unique. However, Jami tells us that her "greatest pride is witnessing the growth of individuals within our company, even if they choose to pursue their career paths outside of RPAG." Her aim is to continue leading in her current manner, nurturing and creating leaders within our organization. As she gradually transitions into retirement, Jami is determined to leave behind a legacy that ensures RPAG's continued success.

Jami Chapman's unwavering dedication, expertise, and visionary leadership have undoubtedly played an instrumental role in shaping RPAG into the thriving organization it is today. As we reflect on her journey, we are in awe of her accomplishments and grateful to have her as an invaluable member of our RPAG community.


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